‘All Time Lows’ by Lil Bubble Captures Spirit as Altcoins Fail to Pace Bitcoin


A new anthem for altcoin HODLers dropped harder than that market did in March 2018, potentially signaling cryptos’ return to meme-driven, pop-cultural awareness.

Despite bitcoin’s surge in price and attention last week, most altcoins were unaffected by the market drive. Prior to the recent market exuberance directed at the largest cryptocurrency by capitalization, an “Alt-Season” – comprised of 118 cryptos that increased faster year-over-year than bitcoin – was in play.

Lil Bubble’s All-Time Lows, a parody of Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road, showcases the mindset and strategy of those playing the altcoin long game.

Bagholders retweeted the song 2,291 times and lauded it with 6,686 likes on Twitter since it was published yesterday evening, at press time.

In the music video, a spaceman wearing a “ledger on [their] neck” plays an acoustic guitar and tells of their intention to ride their alts down to all time lows, and buy until they cannot do so anymore. They reason that the alts are oversold, and therefore undervalued, and will one day increase in price. In other words, they are going to the moon. Hence the spacesuit.

The spaceman ambles through the desert as the sun sets behind them, never sharing the shot with a spaceman that walks alongside, carrying garbage bags presumably filled with altcoins such as Litecoin, Bytecoin, Zilliqa, Icon, Vechain, and Verge.

At one point the spaceman sits and reflects, perhaps wondering how they ended up in such a desolate place. “FOMO buy the pump, Panic sell the dump,” is the rejoinder.

However, this could not be the adventure’s case, as they know they haven’t lost so long as they have not sold. They check their phone while holding a stack of hundred dollar bills, looking instead to buy more. The spaceman sayeth:

Buying all these sh*tcoins
You can keep your bitcoin
I am broke as hell
But I will never sell

In a moment of pure will the spaceman replies to himself, “I’ll be holding bags ‘cause I’m never missing my chance.”

The account that hosts the song did not respond to a request for comment.

TheCryptoBubble account identifies as a “$hitcoin extraordinaire,” and previously published a rueful rendition of Gary Jules’ “Mad World” called When Moon?

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